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I've moved accounts.

2008-05-09 14:22:59 by BLACKNOISE

I've been forced to move from my main account, "ZENON". My dad thought it'd be a good idea to completely obliterate my whole little biography and frequent updates that I kept for reminders for both me, and you, the reader.

So hello. My name's Jadan Paluck. I write music, mostly for a hobby, but people keep telling me to do more with it. I've concluded that they should shove their heads up their asses, but I'm gonna keep trying to follow their advice and "do something with my music". What that something is, I have no idea.

If you like my music on my old account, or the new music that's going up on this account, don't be afraid to toss me onto your favorites list! Keep it easy Newgrounds;


I've moved accounts.