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I've moved accounts.

2008-05-09 14:22:59 by BLACKNOISE

I've been forced to move from my main account, "ZENON". My dad thought it'd be a good idea to completely obliterate my whole little biography and frequent updates that I kept for reminders for both me, and you, the reader.

So hello. My name's Jadan Paluck. I write music, mostly for a hobby, but people keep telling me to do more with it. I've concluded that they should shove their heads up their asses, but I'm gonna keep trying to follow their advice and "do something with my music". What that something is, I have no idea.

If you like my music on my old account, or the new music that's going up on this account, don't be afraid to toss me onto your favorites list! Keep it easy Newgrounds;


I've moved accounts.


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2008-05-09 14:30:28

Wait, I didn't quite get that. Tell the reason for moving accounts again, this time talking to me like if I was a 5 year old :/

BLACKNOISE responds:

My dad changed my password.


2008-05-09 15:26:33

How the hell did your dad know your password anyway? :\

BLACKNOISE responds:

If when you go onto Newgrounds, put in your name and password, and you say "save my name and password", the same thing could happen to you if he thinks that Newgrounds is a problem :(


2008-05-10 14:25:30

He would need to know your password to change it :P


2008-05-11 16:05:32

not if you used "save my info" like he said... i should take it off that, just in case.. my dad seems like he'd do something like that...


2008-05-15 12:51:07

well done man, well done. Oh well, you're still making music :D Sux about the other account though. SUGgESTION: Can't you clikc on "Forgot my password" which they'll send to your email account? If you still ahve the same account that is.... just an idea...


2008-05-16 09:08:19

who ARE you? are you new to NG?

BLACKNOISE responds:

I'm just the person with the most audio submissions.


2008-05-27 20:02:11

I'm glad to hear that you are still making music though. I remember when I first came to the site and listened to you, you were going by BLACKNOISE at that time too. Sucks to hear that you lost your main account though. Have you tried pming any of the admins to see if they could help?

BLACKNOISE responds:

Well Tom ain't doing anything, so I'll probably get a hold of Wade sooner or later.


2009-10-25 19:24:41

Zenon! You're alive! I found this by complete accident..
You were the first person that had music I liked on NG.